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My words are long but their meanings are short and stuttering. I have no teeth to say what I need. You just want to hold your baby. You just want to hold your child. You can't sing me back to sleep, not on my knees. I have seen my bridal beast, in my dreams. I haven't seen my face in weeks. It's covered by my crooked teeth, and the lies I breath. I'm not the same as I was back then. All these dirty thoughts of mine won't die in your eyes. All these filthy thoughts of mine. The holy grail can't save me now.
If this wasn't less than perfect, I sure as hell did try for a beauty softly seeded between the lines. Floating in the distance, with the shallow tide. Riding on a wave, as they're feeding you their lines. At night the Queen plays with the old King. Later that day he throws her in the ocean. The son runs fast to sleep. He sees the truth in simpler things. Like fisherman who have baited hooks then thrown them out, all the while I've been waiting for something to sing about. Time is always running out. Sometimes it brings you down. There's something about the water that makes me feel farther away from the hand of the Father. And son, her spirits moving on.
Do I even exist? I miss the way a photograph was a mistake. Where'd you go? Where have I been? I haven't seen either of us in a year of innocence. I can feel it shaking me right down to my bones Set free to roam in this place I call home. Why do I sing these songs to you at night? They don't mean anything to me or you or anybody. I thank the Lords good graces that my head is above my feet. I'm stuck in a habit of throwing stones at myself and my friends and foes, you know. Where were you when I was dead? In your house, in a trap door, I left all of my presence. It's all on the table with half up my sleeve. Always take what I want and leave what I need. Comfortably confused to circle through time With dirt on my tounge and life on my mind. Sometimes New Jersey leaves you cold and alone and incredibely stoned. Everybody's got someone except me.
Anchors 04:18
Sink like the boats off the bridge where I lost my feet. The bottom the ground the floor, get off your knees. We turned teeth into gold and gold into eyes. You can't choose between dead or alive. Down by the docks that I used to clean I sailed these ships across these seas. All these things that I've seen about love and war, I thought I knew everything about you too. But everything isn't everything
January will never be the same since the day that I was forced to change my uncles name on the cold street of Hemenway. The 65, the 109, my home. The shepherd brought the sheep in from the cold, the rain, the winter winds that blew you across this continent, away from everything you've ever loved. I sit alone and watch the cold moon grow old. Up in the sky where my inner peace grows. I can't thank you enough for coming home. But while you sleep I'll slip out into the cold
This room is filled with pretty faces with ugly souls. They're just looking for a spot to own. And I tried my best to hide behind these cracks in these walls of mine. Words are repeating With new meaning. It's the same time fastly fleeting. No more than a moment is enough for me. This house is a nightmare. I'm the devils son. The temperature is rising. I'm the devils son. I was a savior in our old home. Now I'm a broke man just trying not to be sold. You can throw me in a box with your broken bones.
Song 45 04:05
Why is this even happening? I keep drinking the wine. But God, with you as my casualty, I'll shoot down the moon and let the heavens aside. Take me to infinity. I want to see the ghost of nativity bless these bones before they crumble in time. If I cross this path with some dirty steps they'll be damn sure to leave some tracks for followers to find the things I did like sinking ships I designed and ditched.


released January 1, 2011


all rights reserved



They Had Faces Then New Brunswick, New Jersey

Tour Dates:

11/11 - Clash Bar
Clifton, New Jersey

11/26 - Maxwells
Hoboken, New Jersey

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